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Step into the NewDay USA family – it's not just a job, it's a rocket launch for your growth
journey. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of learning, packed with futuristic training, mentor
magic, and ladder-climbing opportunities, developed over 25 years. We're not about the usual,
we're about breakthroughs. Buckle up, because here, your fintech career takes off to infinity
and beyond!
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Your Success Story Begins Here

As you join our family, you'll embark on a journey of continuous growth and development. We provide access to cutting-edge training, mentorship programs, and career advancement opportunities
Jaehan K.Vice President
Joe D.Senior Assistant Vice President
Lionel M.Vice President of University
Lauren S.Vice President
Chao D.Chief Financial
Let’s talk numbersAs a fintech company, data directs our every decision. Statistics, a sense of duty,
and a strong belief in our cause drive our success
31Average Age
35New Homeowners in 2023
+$100KAverage Underwriter Compensation
+$140KAverage Account Executive Compensation
+$300KAverage Senior Management Compensation
92%Promoted From Within

Navigating Your Leadership Path

Joining us at NewDay USA is like stepping onto the fast track to fintech success. Prepare to experience continuous growth, innovative training, supportive mentorship, and an accelerated ascent to professional leadership.
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Andrew Colombo
Andrew Colombo
2016Credit Analyst
2019AVP of Underwriting
2021VP of UW
2022Chief Credit Officer
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NewDay’s Door is Always Open

NewDay USA is more than a business, it's a home.

Even if you choose to pursue your goals elsewhere, you'll always be family.

In 2023, we were thrilled to welcome back 24 dedicated professionals to our team. Their return is a testament to our company's positive work environment and the strong bonds we forge with our employees. We're proud to be a place where talent chooses to return and continue their journey with us.

Brandon M. ConoverAccount Executive
Hire date:02/03/2014Employed as Account Executive for
4 Years 10 Months 3 days
Left NewDay:02/21/2022Worked at: Carrington Mortgage Services
Came back to NewDay:02/21/2022Rehired as Account Executive
Daniel E. ParkerAccount Executive
Hire date:09/17/2012Employed as Vice President - AVP
for 6 Years 9 Months 10 days
Left NewDay:02/21/2022Worked at: The Federal Savings Bank
Came back to NewDay:09/18/2023Rehired as Account Executive
Collin M. NuttAccount Executive
Hire date:06/05/2017Employed as Assistant Vice President - AVP for
2 Years 0 Months 22 days
Left NewDay:02/21/2022Worked at: Keystone State Capital Investments LLC
Came back to NewDay:01/16/2023Rehired as Account Executive
Eddie EscobarCaptain of Sales
Hire date:10/29/2018Employed as Assistant Vice President - Refi Plus - AVP for
2 Years 4 Months 22 days
Left NewDay:08/05/2020Worked at: Freedom Mortgage
Came back to NewDay:01/13/2022Rehired as Account Executive

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