Sucess Stories at New Day

Tom McCoy

Senior Analyst, Secondary Markets, Hired 11/2013

MLO NMLS #1135898

University of South Florida

“Life is a team sport here, and we’re all MVPs.”

Teamworking It Since 2013

Life may seem like a solitary sport, Tom says, but in fact it’s all about teamwork. And if your team doesn’t succeed, you don’t either. This is his philosophy at home with his wife and 2 young daughters, this is his philosophy kayaking and hiking the outdoors, and this is philosophy at work. So when he got to NewDay—where you are not winning unless you help the people around you win too—he knew he picked the right place. In the office, everyone pitches in to help each other succeed. Out of the office, everyone pitches in to help veteran’s and their families feel honored and supported. It’s a win-win-win-win, and Tom wouldn’t have it any other way.