Sucess Stories at New Day

Nora Chen

Sr. Data Analyst, Hired 02/2016

MLO NMLS #1459580

Columbia University

"I work with the most intelligent people, that motivates me to be at my best in and out of the office."

Bringing Her A-Game Since 2016

Nora doesn’t mess around, so if you’re on her paintball team you better bring your A game. Nora also knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, so don’t underestimate her because of her continued affinity for SpongeBob. She likes clever coworkers, so respond with something other the wine glass emoji after she invites you to happy hour. She likes surrounding herself with people smarter than her— a tall order since she’s ivy league and worked for an investment bank in Manhattan while in college and you can’t do either of those things if you’re not really smart—so don’t phone it in at the company Halloween party with a pre-made Superman costume. Nora is motivated by you and inspired by your intelligent, hard-working, fun-filled self, so don’t view it as anything less than the highest praise if she wants you on her team. Nora doesn’t mess around, which is why she’s at New Day.