Sucess Stories at New Day



Tenure: 6

Towson University

MLO NMLS #1432499

“New Day takes the time to train you so they can promote from within. Not many companies can say that. They put their best foot forward every day, and so do I.”


If you ask Michael what he enjoys about work, he’ll tell you exactly that: work. He genuinely likes coming to work each day. He likes even just thinking about it. He enjoys the projects he gets to work on, and he loves the people he gets to work on them with. He even appreciates the small details of his day-to-day tasks, and he looks forward to the overarching opportunities for growth and leadership. But what he likes even more than all of those things is what work allows him to do beyond work: volunteer. It’s here where he gets to help veterans on a personal level; it’s here where he gets to really get to know his coworkers. He’ll never miss a chance to do both, especially if it involves hiking the Billy Goat Trail.

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