Sucess Stories at New Day



Tenure: 5

James Madison University

“It’s such a positive culture here: everyone comes in everyday striving to do their best, for each other and for our veterans. I’m constantly inspired.”


Hayley loves culture. She loves hearing different languages, meeting new people, and tasting new flavors. But most of all she loves how individual people interweave to make their culture a unique and positive experience for one another. That’s what she’s always done her college career as JMU study abroad ambassador, and that’s exactly what she found at NewDay: people constantly striving to do their best for each other and for their customers, constantly creating a environment that lifts and inspires everyone around them. Like crossing borders in her world travels, Hayley crosses all departments at New Day and uses that opportunity to work with each unique group to help shape the overall culture. Whoever knew that IT could be so adventurous? Hayley did.

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