We want you. If you're someone who is as committed to helping others as you are to your own growth; if you're the best of the best, we want you. Come in and we'll find the career track perfect for you.

Fulton, MD
Account Executive
The Go-Getter

We are looking for top notch, customer focused team members to join our Sales Department and directly impact NewDay USA’s growth. As an Account Executive, you will take our cu…

Fulton, MD
Director - Digital Creative and User Design
The Creative Genius

The Director – Digital Creative and User Design for NewDay USA will report to the Chief Digital Officer and will define the digital creative direction and user experience for …

Fulton, MD
Senior Digital Content Writer/Manager
The Content Master

NewDay USA is seeking a dynamic Senior Digital Content Writer/Manager who can create compelling educational and marketing content that illustrate the benefits and impact of Ne…

Fulton, MD
Senior Network Administrator
The Tech Genius

The Senior Network Administrator is responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of network appliances, systems hardware and …

Fulton, MD
The Numbers Wiz

The Accounting team for NewDay USA is comprised of strategic analytical thinkers with the ability to communicate effectively in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment. The …

Fulton, MD
Capital Markets Analyst
The Trader

NewDay USA's Capital Markets team is responsible for all functions of the company's Secondary Marketing and Capital Markets. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: …

Fulton, MD
The Interpreter

Over the past 16 years, NewDay USA has built an Information-Driven Marketing (IDM) business utilizing applied analytics. IDM uses a methodical testing and analysis process cou…

Fulton, MD
Credit Analyst
The Analyzer

We are looking for top notch business and analytical minds to support our in house operations as a Credit analyst. Working cross-functionally, Credit Analysts solve and commun…

Fulton, MD
Corporate Recruiter
The Finder

NewDay USA is a diverse company hiring the best and brightest talent from all over the world. As a member of our Corporate Recruiting team at NewDay, you will be a real contri…

Fulton, MD
Human Resources
The Supporter

Our HR Department works closely with senior managers every day to support our diverse and extraordinarily talented work force. Whether it’s benefits administration, training, …

Fulton, MD
Help Desk/Junior Admin
The Helper

Our current team members have been promoted out of the help desk role and we need to backfill with new junior network/system administrators.


Fulton, MD
Social Media
The Instagrammer

As part of our social media team, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to building and maintaining the brand voice of the company. You will play a key role in developing …

Fulton, MD
Senior Business Development Analyst
The Planner

We are looking for a top notch business mind and modeler to support our operations and business development initiatives. Working closely with Sales, Finance and Human Resource…

Fulton, MD
Senior Compliance Officer
The Enforcer

The position of Senior Compliance Officer is a new position within NewDay USA's Compliance Team and will report directly to the Chief Compliance Officer. This position will ha…

Fulton, MD
Compliance Officer
The Protector

The Compliance team protects the legal and ethical integrity of NewDay USA through policy enforcement and program planning. The Compliance team is responsible for collaboratin…

Fulton, MD
Accelerated Underwriting Program
The Decision Maker

We are looking for elite team members to join our Accelerated Underwriter Program. Fast track your career to one of the most prestigious designations in the finance world in a…

Fulton, MD
Senior Legal Regulatory Analyst
The Consultant

This position will have exposure to a wide variety of management level employees throughout the Company, including Executive Leadership and the General Counsel.  This position…